Friday, May 24, 2013

Five Question Friday 5/24/13

This week’s questions & My Answers:

1. Do you wake before the alarm or stay in bed until the last possible second?
I usually wake before the alarm and then lay there until the last possible nano second!

 2. Who should get a baby shower? Is it just the first baby or all babies?
I think all babies should have a shower!  They are all special!

 3. How will you spend Memorial Day?
It is supposed to rain most of the weekend so I will probably be playing in my craft room!  (Don't be a hater!)  :)

4. Do you have a Storm/Hurricane/Tornado/Fire plan for your kids, house..?
I have a couple of escape ladders in a closet somewhere... Not good I know.  Maybe the hubs and I can work on that this weekend.  Put together an emergency kit and put the ladders where they are needed.  Thanks for the little push!

 5. What is your favorite morning drink?
Starbucks baby!  Venti Peppermint White Mocha, Not Fat, No Whip and Stirred.    :)

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  1. Playing in your craft room, now that sounds like FUN!