Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chats on the farmhouse porch 1/29/13

It's Tuesday and that means it's time to pour a cup of tea and have a little chat, won't you join me?

Everyday Ruralty

This week's questions & my answers:

  1. Have you ever been on a boat? (Motor boat, sail boat, cruise ship, ark, or Good Ship Lollipop)
    I have been on many boats, my dad is a fisherman and has had a lake boat, river boat, jet boat and a bay boat.  I live in the great Pacific Northwest so I have been on a ferry boat.  I have been on two cruise ships.  I haven't been on an ark and I'm not sure I want to be...  The whole flooding thing and a few to many not so nice animals make me a little wary.
  2. Do you need an alarm to wake up in the morning, or do you wake up naturally? If you have an alarm, tell us what type.
    I don't need an alarm but my husband does so I set a radio alarm for him.
  3. Have you ever had a yard sale?
    Is that the same as a garage sale?  If it is then yes, if it isn't then...nope!  If I never have another garage sale again the world will be a much better place.
  4. Do you like kitchen gadgets? What are some of your favorite?
    Does my husband count as a gadget?  Since I taught him to cook he does almost all if it and I get to play on the computer and do paper crafting!  He is my favorite!
  5. Do you read labels at the grocery store?
    Yes!  I have some allergies so it is a must!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

CAS(E) This Sketch Challenge #12

With the Papertery Ink Blog Hop over I still had some mojo flowing and went in search of a challenge and found the CTS #12. Which fits a beautiful card I found while browsing Pinterest the other day.

 Here is my version:

I really like how the smaller hearts turned out.  I inked up the stamp and then stamped on a scrap before stamping the heart die cut.  I need to remember to do this more often because it really increases the colors of ink you have and it really is a no brainer when trying to match colors!

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Stamps and heart dies from Papertrey Ink; Paper is from my stash but I think it is Memory Box; Adirondack Ink

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

Papertrey Ink Blog Hop C3

It's time for the Papertrey Ink Blog Hop!  This month's challenge is:

Here is my third card:

I found this card on Kitties blog and fell in love with the elegant simplicity.  I did notice with this card that all three of the cards I made are black and pink...  :)  Well pink is my favorite color!

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PTI Supplies: CS - True Black, Sweet Blush, Simply Chartreuse; Ribbon - Sweet Blush; Die - Bloom Builders #3
Leaf Die - Sizzix; MS - Edge punch

Papertrey Ink Blog Hop C2

It's time for the Papertrey Ink Blog Hop!  This month's challenge is:

Here is my second card:

I found this card on Pinterest and just knew I had to make something similar.  I love the colors and the design.  I double stamped the bigger hearts just a little off to give it a some dimension and if you notice the ones in the middle are almost exactly on top of each other, I never could have done that purpose!  ha ha!  It kind of looks like they are coming out from behind the pink and as they get farther away they are separating.  Well that is my story and I'm sticking to it!  :)

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PTI Supplies: CS - White, Berry Sorbet, True Black; Ink - Fresh Snow, Berry Sorbet; Stamp - Back Pocket Basics, Sending my Love
Misc Supplies: Memento Tux Black; Adirondack Pink Sherbet

Papertrey Ink Blog Hop

It's time for the Papertrey Ink Blog Hop!  This month's challenge is:

I went a little crazy with this month's challenge and have made three cards so far!  This is the most creative I have felt in a long time.  YAY!  
Here is the first card:

I am happy with how this turned out.  I don't usually use much black on my cards, I found with this challenge that I like the elegance it lends to certain types of cards.  I think I will make this one again with a bolder colored base card like Pure Poppy or Scarlet Jewel.

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PTI Supplies: CS - Sweet Blush, True Black; Ink - Fresh Snow; Stamp - Quilled Elegance
Misc Supplies: Sakura Glitter Pen; VersaMark Ink; Clear Embossing powder

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Five Question Friday 1/25/13


This week’s questions & My Answers:

1. Do you embrace or dread snow/cold weather days?
If I can stay home from work and have food in the house, I LOVE snow days!  Otherwise I dread them.

2. Which game show or reality show could you totally win?
Price is right.

3. What is your preferred climate?
Hawaii.  Hawaii is a climate right?  Hawaii!

4. What do you buy every time you walk into the grocery store, no matter what?
Cold cereal.

5. If you see a spider/bug in the house, are you brave enough to kill it, or do you call for your hubby?
I have no problem with a bug but spiders I have BIG problems with.  I call the hubby, the son sometimes I get the cat if no one else is around.  I have called my dad at work, if I can’t get ahold of anyone I leave the house until someone gets rid of it. 
No, really I don’t have a problem…

Head on over to FQF and join in the fun!

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Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun #96


         This week’s statements:

1. Making ____ is ____

2. I get ___ easily

3. The number of emails in my inbox is _________ and ____________

4. Traveling _______________ makes me _______________.

My statements:

  1. Making a grocery list is totally worth it, as it saves me money and I don’t impulse buy! 
I get distracted easily
  3. The number of emails in my inbox is a constant battle and it IS a battle I will win! (someday…)
  4. Traveling on short trips makes me want to live on the road all the time.

Hilary is always looking for statements so head on over and join in on the fun!  If she picks your statement you get to co-host the hop!
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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chats on the farmhouse porch 77

Everyday Ruralty

This week's questions:

  1. Do you eat eggs? What is your favorite way to serve them?
  2. Do you have a favorite item that you really like having around? (a pillow, a chair, a sweater, a teddy bear, etc.)
  3. Is most of the furniture in your home dark wood, light wood, painted, lacquered, or distressed?
  4. Please fill in the rest of this sentence. "I could write a book about____________."
  5. If money and calendar/family obligations weren't an issue, would you prefer to spend next weekend at a Bed and Breakfast, a posh hotel, a cabin in the woods, or on a sailboat on a calm body of water?

My Answers:

  1. Yes, poached, a small bowl on the side.
  2. It's sad but I would have to say my iPhone.  
  3. Dark wood.  My husband picked all of it out.  He did a good job too!
  4. Procrastination!  I am awesome at it!
  5. I could really make a case for any of them, all I ask for is warm weather!

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Six Word Saturday 1/19/13

Every day this week was bipolar.

I hope your week is all you want it to be.

p.s. Update on the last 6WS, we thought we had resolution Monday afternoon, but Tuesday found out we didn't, then Wednesday we thought we had it again but didn't... See 6 words for this week.  Lets hope next week is not a rinse and repeat!  Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement, it means a lot.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

MIM #99

It's time for Make it Monday #99 It is Repeats and Rainbows

This is not what I had in mind when I started the card but I like how it turned out!

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Chalkboard Card

Have you noticed the explosion of chalkboard art in the craft world? I have and I love it! Then one of my favorite designers made this card and this card then I KNEW I had to give it a try.

Here is my first attempt:

In real life this pops more than it does in the picture, but it still doesn't have the oomph it would have had on a darker background.  I will be trying this technique again it really was a lot of fun.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

6 Word Saturday 1/12/13

Hoping for final resolution this week.

Also hoping the Seahawks win Sunday!
Best wishes for a wonderful week!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch 75

Everyday Ruralty

This week's questions:

  1. What's your favorite thing to have in hot cocoa/ hot chocolate?
  2. Did you have a white Christmas? Have you had snow since then?
  3. Have you been looking over seed catalogs? If this doesn't apply, what kind of catalogs do you like to leaf through?
  4. Gas stove or electric?
  5. What's new or interesting?

My Answers:

  1. Peppermint!  Candy cane, syrup  or schnapps! 
  2. No and no...  We have had lots of rain though!
  3. I don't really look at paper catalogs much anymore, mostly online stores.  I am trying not to look to much because I don't really "need" anything, but I do "want" things that I don't need.
  4. Gas stove top and electric oven.  I don't have hot spots with electric...
  5. It's very windy.  They are saying we are in for 40-50mph winds.  I can do without that.

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