Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Decorating 2012

It begins the day after Thanksgiving. (This year the day after that, I was way to tired from cooking). All of the fall decor comes down and goes back in the tubs and the Christmas tubs come out.

Furniture gets moved, the cats get curious.  Let the decorating festivities begin!  First a little background, we stopped getting a real tree about ten years ago.  I love real trees.  Hubby loves real trees (former logger).  I love going to the woods, picking the perfect one out and cutting it down (watching hubby cut it down).  What I didn't love was getting home and getting it in the house, trying to set it up in the tree stand.  (Let the cussing and bad attitude begin.)  I finally said that's enough and we purchased a fake tree and everything has been smooth sailing since then.  Well at least in the Christmas tree department.  ;)

I took some pictures with just the lights on but they all turned out fuzzy. I have LOTS of lights on the tree, at least 800.  I love sitting in the dark with just the tree lights on.

Merry Christmas!

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