Saturday, November 16, 2013

Six Word Saturday 11/16/13

Trying to start a blog...
It is not at all easy!
I had a domain name already
 I just needed a hosting site
Both of those are ready now
But the site won't show up!



  1. What is the name? Maybe I can find it.

    1. I have a ticket in with my host site. I think it is something I clicked in the settings. oops... I guess I am not as computer savvy as I thought I was. :)
      The site should be:

  2. Don't you just hate it when computers won't play along nicely? Hope you're up and running soon--I've had a good experience with Wordpress so far.

  3. Oh dear! I'd love to have the courage but I'm pretty sure it would be a disaster in the making. Good luck, Tonya :)

  4. Good luck. I'm not computer savvy at all. I started my first blog last December, here on Blogger, My Constant Thoughts. Then I began another one shortly after on I'm unsure of the difference between and but I've had a nice experience so far with I use it for any post unrelated to poetry or a few prompts such as 6 Word Saturday. Hope it's up and running soon so I can drop by.

  5. Hi Tonya ~~ I just tried it and got a "LunarPages Web Hosting" index page. It said "Once you create or upload a new index page, it will replace this one." Have you done that yet. Go see, it tells you where things will be till then. In your e-mail?

    Best wishes for it. I will kinda keep on checking to see if there is progress. My daughter made a WordPress blog but hers is a "" blog. She also lives in London so it would be hard to get much help if any from her.

  6. I hope that you get your new Wordpress blog sorted out. When you do, be sure to post your new URL address.