Thursday, April 25, 2013

MIM#113 Card 2 Reach for the Stars

My last order just got here! YAY! This is the first card from the new stamps.
It's not the greatest picture as the PP was super shiny in every angle I tried taking the picture...   I really do love the Perfect Pearls look but I am not sure I will use it often as it doesn't seem to "set".  I even tried the heat gun but it still smudges and takes my finger prints.

In my trial and error I found:
You can us an eraser to remove PP areas you don't like or that didn't turn out.  (I didn't get a complete impression the first time and I erased the entire thing and started over!)
For small/intricate spots a QuitckStik works wonderful!
I didn't have a Swiffer duster so I used a soft paint brush followed by a stiff one which really helped get most of the stray powder off.

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