Saturday, September 21, 2013

Six Word Saturday 9/21/13

Been thinking a lot this week.
Worried about the next 45 years...
Tired of all the stupid headaches.
Totally love, love, love my grandparents!
Worried about the next generation's conscience.
I still really, really hate banks! 

Wishing you all a wonderful Fall/Spring!


  1. have a nice Saturday Tonya

    much love...

  2. I can relate to the thinking... I have days that I tend to do that a little too much as well. I prefer my days where I can 'go with the flow' ;)
    You still have your grandparents around you! How lovely!! Enjoy each others company!

  3. 45 years is a lot to worry about at once... hang in there

  4. Hi Tonya ~~ I am sure I won't be around to see all of what your next 45 are like. But one day at a time, one week at a time, one month ... you won't have too much time to worry about them either.

    Be sure to let us know when this imfamous birthday in September comes. Should be soon now.
    So HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONYA, ahead of time.

  5. I hope you find relief from your headaches soon. have a good weekend.

  6. 4 negative sixes, 1 positive six and a lot of thinking, Tonya. No wonder you have the headaches. Emailing you a big hug :)

  7. Live for today and trust that tomorrow will work out. You can't change things by worrying about them. Your poor head is feeling the tension, give it a break :-)

  8. Does this mean you just celebrated your 45th birthday, Tonya? If so, then happy congrats and a big hug. If not, then only the hug ;-)
    Grandparents are the best, and headaches the worst. I do hope your head will find some peace soon.

  9. Tonya, That's a lot to think about. Take care of yourself! And have faith that everything work out. :)