Saturday, September 7, 2013

Six Word Saturday

Really thought I would feel different...

This past week marked my 25th anniversary and I somehow thought that I would feel, I don't know older, more together etc.  I guess I will wait and see if it hits me on my birthday in a few weeks when I will officially be in my late 40's...

Happy September weekend!


  1. Well, I turned fifty this year and I STILL don't feel like an "adult" most of the time. Join the club!!!! :-)

  2. I agree it is interesting how some big birthdays / anniversaries / events in our lives make us feel differently and others not at all. We can't control how we feel, that's for sure. I felt awful when I turned 39 but I loved turning 40, while I always dreaded turning 40. I figured that it doesn't say anything after all and I try to go with the flow more since then. "Living one day at the time" like you mentioned in your profile :)
    Have a good weekend!

  3. Two years into my 60s. Hmmmm... I'm supposed to feel different?

  4. Hi Tonya ~~ Happy Anniversary!!! If your late 40's is 49, yes, then you will feel old. At least that is the way mine were. The even's weren't bad at all.

    But on ALL of the evens for the last 25 years I had said I would RUN AWAY (not to stay though). But all five I did run away but Mrs. Jim came with me. In 2003 Karen also went with me, we went to NYC where Karen ran the NYC Marathon.

    My next one in October is a REALLY EVEN BIG NUMBER!!!

  5. Congratulations on 25 years! I figure you feel as old as you allow yourself to feel...don't stress it. :)

  6. 25 years of a happy marriage? That's a great achievement, Tonya. It's ours next year but I'm very much older (but still probably not "grown up") :)

  7. 25th anniversary! I'm not even 25 years old. Happy anniversary! : )