Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My new place to shop for cheese: My Cheese Shoppe in downtown Puyallup!

My friend Laurie has opened a cheese shop in downtown Puyallup!  Everything you ever wanted to know about cheese Laurie can tell you! I was in there on Saturday and overheard her as she was explaining to someone about a flavor in the cheese they were tasting and that the cows that eat the grass in this seaside area gives the cheese little pops of saltiness! Or something like that. It was just really cool! We bought some blue cheese with smoked bacon. OMG it was so good! I don't even like blue cheese, but it didn't really taste like normal BC, it was more like a provolone with pops of tangyness.

Here is a link to her Facebook page which has her website info on it.
If you are in the area I recommend you check it out.  She just opened a few weeks ago and is already working on adding another cooler and I think wine sales in the near future!

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