Monday, July 11, 2011

Last minute 4th decor!

After my flag was hanging up, I decided it looked a little blah, so I went shopping the day before the forth, looking for some flag bunting.  I think I have been married to a tightwad  frugal man for too long because everything seems to be more and more expensive to me!  I just couldn't see spending 18.00 at the hardware store for ONE bunting!  Even at Wally world it was 25.00 for three.  I can usually make something cool (less expensive) so I searched the internet and found this great flag bunting downloadLovely and Gracious is the name of the blog, I just love the name.  It is something I hope to always be Gracious and Loving to everyone.  After printing the flag download (thirteen times!), I cut them all out and after dithering on how to hang them (on a string to swag them or just straight across the railing) this is how it turned out:

I really like it!  I would have liked to have left it up longer but I had to take the bunting down early the next morning because frugal man was going to water the baskets and I didn't want them ruined.  They are safe and sound in the Summer rubbermaid container waiting for next year.  Maybe I will get them out again for Veterans day!  Oh and for Memorial Day! Ohh and maybe Flag day!  Hmm, maybe I will laminate them too!

Thinking, thinking, thinking...

Check out the link above to see where Party!

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