Saturday, December 17, 2011

Six Word Saturday 12/17/11

2012 word for the year is...

Change.  I need to work on changing many things in my life.  Some basic like attitude, from not exercising to actually working out etc.  Some a little more complex like, to change jobs, move, go back to school.  Major decisions need to be made for health reasons so I am anticipating a year of change and I know a few others are not going to like it.  They will have to embrace change in 2012 also!

Merry Christmas,


  1. good luck on all your personal changes in 2012!!!

  2. change is good.... hard, but good

    see that was six words too

  3. Good luck with your new commitments for 2012!

  4. Hope all the changing will be mostly positive. Good luck!!!

  5. Good luck on all your changes. I've never been good at keeping those resolutions - so here's wishing you the strenth and will-power to get them done.

    Have a Merry Christmas