Saturday, February 9, 2013

Six Word Saturday 2/9/13

Life is short, enjoy every minute!

Wishing you much love and happiness this Valentines week!

p.s.  I wasn't able to visit and comment last week because my husband wanted to go shopping at Costco and I had a little incident... Here is my Facebook entry for that afternoon:

Okay it's official, I am old, clumsy and most certainly not a bumble! I don't bounce, I do more of a thud... I chased after a cart in the Costco parking lot, tripped over (what had to be a really big rock) but was really just air... Managed to fall on my back and knock the wind out of me. I didn't hit my head, which I think is a good thing, but couldn't see for a few seconds then shoppers were getting annoyed because I was in the middle of the road and they couldn't get to a parking stall to go shopping... I will be fine, I am sure that I will be more sore tomorrow than I am today. Point is, I am 45 and if it's this bad now I am not sure I want to be 65, 70 etc... Good news is I didn't land on my face and break the only pair of glasses I have! :) My glass is half full!

Luckily I wasn't too sore, I soaked in a bath with Epsom salt which I think helped.  I only had a couple of bruises, so all is good now.  Lessons learned, don't go to Costco on a weekend and hold on to the cart at all times!  :)


  1. Oh my! There is nothing more scary than a bad fall, it leaves you so sore all over, and you think of how very bad it could have gone! I tripped on a step a couple years back and fell hard on the ground, barely missing a cement corner, my wrist got badly sprained and still gives me problems now and then. Now falling is my biggest fear. If only life came with safety cushions! I hope this week finds you doing better! HUGS

  2. Tonya...I totally feel for I have fallen and it sure isn't fun!~
    And yes, I was sore for several days afterward! I too soaked in Epsom Salts Bath...I learned that from my momma....and it does help!

    Glad you are ok.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  3. That sounds like quite the fall! I'm glad you're feeling better.

    I had a fall yesterday, but no where near as bad as yours. It was the subject of my six words. :)

    Love your six words—so true!

  4. One of my (slightly younger [ie 61], slightly lighter, slightly more fit) peers took a tumble a couple days ago & the aftermath was not pretty. It got me thinking about how things would have shaken out had it been me instead...

  5. Falling is a real fear. I hope you heal quickly and completely. Please be careful! Gentle hug.

  6. I am glad you are okay. I hate it when those mysterious rocks come out of nowhere!

    My 6ws is here:

  7. Life is short, enjoy every minute! So so true! I know we do have bad & sad minutes too but we need to be aware of life being short and precious! It's something you learn along the way I guess; my fellow students of 19/20yrs old don't see it yet which is interesting to learn because I forgot that I didn't know it at that age either. It's Carpe Diem now though :)

  8. No, I don't bounce quite as well as I used either, Tonya, which for a clumsy person, is a bit of a bummer. Glad the damage wasn't too severe.

  9. I was saddened but not surprised to hear how shoppers found you a nuisance instead of trying to help. I fell in the street when I was heavily pregnant and people just stepped over me. My five year old son had to help me up.

    Hope you are feeling much better now.