Saturday, June 29, 2013

Six Word Saturday 6/29/13

Record heat across US this week!

With the hot weather coming up this week around the country please remember to keep watch on your pets. The pavement is very hot on the pads of their feet and can easily burn and blister! Dog's only sweat through their feet so
try and keep them as cool as possible.

One more wake up 'til vacation!

Vegas!  I will be taking lots of pictures with my iPhone and posting them on instagram.  You can follow me here, if you would like to see some of the places we visit!  I am hoping we make it to the Grand Canyon but with the temps going above the 115/46 mark I'm not sure we will make it out there. 

Happy Independence Day, USA!

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe week ahead!


  1. so true... people often forget

  2. As I write this I'm sitting here with the heater on and a blanket over me. Son is curled up on the floor with our dog and a quilt over both of them as they (he) watches TV. Can't comprehend temperatures that high when it's cold and wintry in my part of the world. Have an awesome holiday and stay cool

  3. Record heat—oh, no! That's something I don't enjoy at all. Thanks for the reminder about the pets. People do forget sometimes.

    Enjoy your trip!

  4. I agree pets need extra attention in the heat! Enjoy your trip to Vegas. We only go to visit our money!

  5. It's going to be SUPER toasty in Vegas! I guess I shouldn't complain about the 106 we are expecting. Have a great time!

  6. The Canyon doesn't sound like the place to be in those temperatures, Tonya. Shame! Have a fabulous trip :)

  7. Have a wonderful trip, and stay cool (if you can)!

  8. Cold in this part of the world!

    I hope you enjoy your vacation.

  9. We've been watching the news here in the UK about the record temps and now you have lost 19 firefighters. Tragic.

    Stay safe.