Saturday, July 20, 2013

Six Word Saturday 7/20/13

So when is enough really enough?

When are you tired enough of the status quo to actually make changes?  I've heard it said that when the time comes you will know, but I am not sure I believe that.

Wishing you all a stress free week ahead!


  1. VERY interesting topic....I think one person's enough just isn't the same as the next person's. When I've made changes it's been because I was ready -- the time had come. But I don't think I knew that until it was actually upon me.

    Change can be really hard...perhaps ironically it is also the only constant in our existence.

  2. When breaking point comes I think you know it, Tonya. But doing something about it- that's something else, and really depends on your circumstances. I presume you're talking "work", and of course it depends what else you can find, what it pays, and if you can cope with that.
    Hope the holiday lived up to expectation. Hope the heat didn't ruin it for you. :)

  3. Nice 6WS post, Tonya. I'd say mostly when I can't walk any further I have walked enough on my replacement knee joint. Or when my back hurts I have lifted, enough for the mess left by my two back surgeries. Or is what I want to call enough really "too much?"

    But when I puff going upstairs means I haven't been having enough (exercise).

  4. I think that people take action when accepting less than what you deserve becomes more uncomfortable than making the change. But I've ventured back and forth between old habits and new even up unitl this week. Seriously, my six words were up this alley, too!

    Great topic! Happy 6WS!!