Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hoo Are You? #55


Here are this week's questions!  

1. What are your favorite 3 things about fall?
 Turning of the leaves, the weather, Football!

2. Are you a football fan and if so who is your favorite team?
 Um, yeah!  I like the Seahawks!  The Colts, the Titans and the Cardinals too!

3. What is your favorite fall scent?
Pumpkin and the smell of first rain!
4. So you have seasonal allergies?
 Yes, Cottonwood is the worst and we get it twice a year up here in the NW.

5. Have you started Christmas shopping yet?
I am doing homemade cards and gifts, I have been planning on what and when to to get started.

Head on over to Night Owl Crafting and join in the fun!


  1. Cottonwood is what gets me all the time for allergies. It really stinks! I am glad there is more football fans, I didn't know so many people didn't like it!

  2. Great idea making homemade cards and gifts and yes nice to see someone else who loves football!

  3. Yay for football and homemade gifts! When I saw the button for "I'm on the Pinterest Master Craft List" I immediately started following your blog! :) So glad you stopped by my blog the other day- looking forward to all sorts of inspiration.
    -Robyn from http://tipsfromtheheart.blogspot.com

  4. luv reading the answers to your questions...fall is by far my favorite season....everything about it is amazing...hope you have a super weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  5. I've tried many times to make cards, some turn out ok but most are failures. I just don't have the knack for it. I bet you make beautiful cards!