Saturday, September 29, 2012

Six Word Saturday 9/29/12

Costco on a Saturday?!  I'm nuts!

My husband insists on going with be because he thinks it saves him money...(haha)(evil laugh)  I still get what I want, maybe not on the same trip, or when he is with me, but I still get what I want.  :)

We are still married after 24 years, what he doesn't know, makes my life a lot easier.  

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.


  1. My hubby and I just celebrated our 24th anniversary on Sept. 16th. Mine usually goes shopping with me too, but doesn't much care what I buy, he just likes looking at all the new items in electronics. We usually go to Sams or BJ's. The nearest Costco is about an hour away.
    Here's My SWS

  2. I did the Saturday Costco trip too...on my own though. ;)

  3. Oh, yuck. I hate busy stores, especially on weekends!

  4. My Beloved Sandra keeps secrets, too; Hell, we were living together for two years before she decided to tell me. I had no clue.

  5. I have the same love-hate relationship with WalMart, best prices in town, worst-possible place to shop quickly and efficiently (they are ALWAYS out of some thing I need). My husband rejoices on the ocassions when I offer to make the run unaccompanied, but most often we struggle thru it together, on the weekend, as this is the only time we have free. UGH, my sympathies!

  6. I hate shopping, period, but sometimes ya gotta do post