Saturday, October 29, 2011

Six Word Saturday 10/29

I'm listening to Christmas music already!

In my defense, I am getting supplies ready for a Christmas card making party that I am hosting next week.  I am trying to get my rear end moving on the prep work and thought a little music might help in the motivation department...

I have the stuff out but that is about all... Such is the life of a procrastinator!  :)

Hope you are all enjoying your last weekend of daylight savings!


  1. Hi Tonya ~~ That is pretty neat that a group of you are making Christmas cards. Is it partly recycling old cards I wonder. My sister just recycles them and everyone knows. She blackens the former senders and any message she doesn't want to see.

    My birthday card this year was recycled and to think I paid 50 cents for hers at the Dollar Store! :)

  2. I love doing Christmas Cards. It is fun to give them and receive them. I enjoy the newsy family letters and the picture cards too. But I have never made my own cards...since I'm not a crafty person. I hope your card party will be a fun time for all.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  3. Oh wow! That is nice though!! Especially if it helps you with planning your Christmas card making party! I was on someone's blog the other day and they had a countdown to Christmas gadget on it. This year has flown by indeed!

    Just visiting from 6WS; enjoy your Sunday!